“But Tell Me What It Feels Like” @ SOMArts – May 4-6, 2018



I will be participating with amazing collaborators on a new piece Submission in Five Acts with flutist/curator Sarah Cargill, conductor Melissa Panlasigui, and performer Indira Allegra in a performance festival at San Francisco venue, SOMArts on May 4-6. The festival also features the second performance of my piece for performer, bass flute, and video – The trauma you keep safe is the pain you pass along.

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About the piece:

How do we undo corporeal memory that keeps us bound to old pain, narratives, and power struggles? How do we use craft to relate differently to one another? [Submission in Five Acts] seeks to unravel the power structures that are replicated and imbedded in ensembles [and classically-based performance practices].

About the festival:

But Tell Me What It Feels Like features new and developing works by queer of color composers, performance artists, dancers, musicians and sound healers. The festival grounds itself in the theoretical framework articulated by black lesbian feminist poet and activist Audre Lorde in her essay, Uses of the Erotic: The Erotic As Power. While the erotic can and does allude to queer sexualities, sensuality and touch, it is also a point of reference through which artists and audiences alike are invited to locate a well of deep-seated bodily wisdom. “By accessing the erotic, we witness a radical transformation of the mundane, where daily actions and decisions come to reflect one’s capacity for feeling, connection, desire, and unwavering pursuit of fully present embodiment. It is through this commitment to the erotic that we allow space for our bodies — our lives — to be animated by nothing less than joy,” Cargill notes in reference to the inspiration behind her curatorial debut.