“IMY/ILY” in San Francisco and New York City

A new solo work for percussionist Andy Meyerson (The Living Earth Show), IMY/ILY (text speak for “I miss you, I love you”) was premiered in San Francisco (December 7, 2018) and New York City (January 8, 2019). The piece, a monodrama for performer and bass drum, attempts to evoke the pain of longing and the inner conflict that arises when new feelings collide with old traumas and the endurance one must possess to carry that with them as they live their day-to-day life.

IMY/ILY is a part of a program of works for solo percussionist which include pieces by composers Adrian Knight, Sarah Hennies, and Christopher Cerrone. The New York City performance of IMY/ILY was presented by the Metropolis Ensemble, directed by Andrew Syr, in a series curated by Cerrone.


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