Large Ensemble

surface|division (2016)
Premiere (reading): L’Orchestre philharmonique de Radio-France, June 2016 (5 minutes)
for orchestra

OPHELIA. Her heart is a clock (2015)

Premiere: Ensemble Linea, cond. by Jean-Philippe Wurtz, October 2015 (16.5 minutes)
for flute/bass flute, oboe, clarinet/bass clarinet, trumpet, percussion, piano, violin, viola, cello, double bass

an imperative of (desire/design) (2011)

Premiere: Wellesley Composers Conference Ensemble feat. Adrian Morejon (bassoon),
cond. by James Baker, July 2011 (10 minutes)
for bassoon and string octet

17 (2009)
Premiere: Eco Ensemble, cond. by David Milnes, May 2009 (17 minutes)
for alto flute, bass clarinet, 2 horns, tromb, bass tromb, tuba, 4 perc, 2 vla, 2 vc, 2 cb

Solo Works and Chamber Ensemble

SAFE (2016)
Premiere: EXAUDI, October 2016 (12 minutes)
for vocal sextet: soprano, mezzo-soprano, countertenor, tenor, baritone, bass

SKRWL (2016)
Premiere: Ensemble Intercontemporain, July 2016 (5 minutes)
for clarinet/bass clarinet, trombone, piano, viola, & ‘cello

If only after you then me (2015)
Premiere: Duo Cortona, September 2015 (10 minutes)
for voice (mezzo-soprano) & violin

Crave (2014)
Premiere: Left Coast Chamber Ensemble, December 2014 (9 minutes)
for bass flute & harp

OPEN (2014)
Premiere: Celli@Berkeley & Daniel Cullen (live electronics), November 2014 (17 minutes)
for three cellos & live electronics

Push (2) (2014)
Premiere: Eco Ensemble, May 2014 (8.5 minutes)
for voice, (bass) flute, (bass) clarinet, violin, viola, ‘cello, double bass

Push (2013)
Premiere: Ensemble L’arsenale, July 2013 (6.5 minutes)
for voice, (bass) flute, (bass) clarinet, accordion

Inexpressible (unaussprech) (2012)
Premiere: Ensemble Pamplemousse, April 2013 (13 minutes)
for voice, flute, violin, ‘cello

obscured-distorted-redacted (2012)
Premiere: JACK Quartet, June 2012 (8 minutes)
for string quartet

litany (2012)
Premiere: Jessie Downs, soprano & Elliot Cless, violin, June 2012 (3 minutes)
for soprano and violin

Maps (2012)
Premiere: Eco Ensemble (Matt Ingalls, Leighton Fong, Loren Mach), May 2012 (20 minutes)
for bass clarinet, ‘cello, and percussion, amplified

Vocalise (2011)
Premiere: Jessica Ling, May 2011 (9 minutes)
for violin alone

ruptured silence, bleeding (2009)
Premiere: Eco Ensemble, cond. by David Milnes, December 2009 (16 minutes)
for flute, clarinet, violin, ‘cello, piano

revuelta, revolución, rebelión (2008)
Premiere: Stacey Pelinka, bass flute & Darcy Rindt, viola, November 2008 (17 minutes)
for amplified bass flute, amplified viola

TRIGGER (2008)
Premiere: Worn Chamber Ensemble, feat. Sheila Willey, May 2008, (14 minutes)
for soprano, female speaking voice, flute/bass flute, percussion, contrabass, electronics

Installation & Multimedia

Schlachtfeld a (2015)
Premiere: Amadeus Regucera, Goethe Institut, Hong Kong, June 2015
Dance performance

Communication (2013)
Opening: Amadeus Regucera, Graz, Austria, February 2013
Mixed media sound installation

base.mat: coitus_more_ferrarum (2010)
Premiere: Amadeus Regucera, Michoacán, Mexico, July 2010 (9 minutes)
for performer + electronics