Royaumont: Voix Nouvelles 2016

I arrived at the abbey at Royaumont almost three weeks ago for the storied Voix Nouvelles program where I received the opportunity, along with 13 other talented composers to compose for different instrumental configurations made up of the amazing ensembles Talea  and EXAUDI. I was asked to write a piece for the six members of EXAUDI who were at the residency: Natalie Raybould (soprano), Lucy Goddard (mezzo), Tom Williams (countertenor), Stephen Jeffes (tenor), Gareth John (baritone), and Simon Whiteley (bass). The past two weeks of rehearsals and hang has been incredible and extremely fun. The food’s been fantastic and the weather nearly perfect. Today (September 7) is my birthday and the best present I could ask for will the exciting premiere of SAFE on Friday’s Voix Nouvelles concert! If you’re around the Île de France area, come on by!