an imperative of (desire/design)

for bassoon and string octet
Premiere: Wellesley Composers Conference Ensemble feat. Adrian Morejon (bassoon),
cond. by James Baker, July 2011 (10 minutes)

Score Sample

:: written for the Wellesley Composers Conference, the choice of instrumentation was derived from a compositional desire to create a musical situation extremely unfamiliar to me, one which would yield exciting possibilities.

:: I became intrigued by the sonic potential for the bassoon in combination with strings, with the strings acting in opposition to the bassoon and at other times coloring and enhancing it.

:: two string quartets in a V-shaped phalanx with the bassoon soloist at its point. The combative visual suggestion and the antiphonal exchange of gestures all while the bassoon jumps into the foreground or slinks back into the texture heighten any sense of musical dramaturgy.

:: all of the piece’s material originates from the opening bassoon section. I wanted to create a sense of propulsion and directionality and I aimed for clarity and organicity regarding formal proliferation.

:: i am grateful to have worked with such fine musicians and conductor, James Baker. in the end, it was bassoonist Adrian Morejon who set fire to this piece, lifted it off the page, and turned it into a work of ferocity and spirit.