base.mat: coitus_more_ferarum

Premiere: Amadeus Regucera, Michoacán, Mexico, July 2010 (9 minutes)
for performer + electronics

Initially developed as a part of a larger chamber piece, Base.Mat.1 – Coitus_More_Ferarum became its own work after I decided to perform it myself. I wrote and curated the performance text, much of it collated from works by Jean Genet, Georges Bataille, the Marquis de Sade, Octavio Paz, Antonin Artaud, and William S. Burroughs.

The performance practice is a personal attempt to reconnect with my punk-rock-frontman-past. I feel that by constructing bridges between electro-acoustic music and my current interests in performance art, experimental theater, DIY-rock & roll, and the aesthetics of confrontation, that I am getting closer to the immediacy and intensity I seek in my own art .

This piece’s subject matter explores, quite explicitly, the base materialism of Genet, Artaud, and Bataille, while exploring the consequences of such philosophies as well as the psychologies of delinquency, addiction, and morality.